Excessive Homework

Excessive Homework

Is homework really that necessary? Points and solutions to the aspects of homework.

What is the one aspect of school that burns students down like a glare of blazing fire? Homework. But isn’t homework supposed to help students understand the perplexing concepts explained in class? Yes and no. Homework can sometimes help the student comprehend what he learned in class, but too much of the same work also interferes with a student’s valuable outside life. Not to mention that sometimes homework does not affect the student at all in the wealth of knowledge he acquires. There have to be some solutions to this. Fortunately, there are, and the solutions are to make homework optional and to also give quizzes on what the teacher is desperately trying to lecture to the class.

Excessive homework causes two consequences: interference with the student’s outside life and sometimes creating an inefficient source for wisdom and understanding. In a case, a student has an audition that could alter his/her entire life and a one-day project due the same day after. The student is restricted in his activities because of this dilemma, and if he/she redundantly chooses the project, he/she has just missed the lifetime chance that could have changed his/her life forever. This is an example of intrusion with the student’s external life. Too much homework could just change someone’s mind about his/her own ambitions, and too much of it could disconcert

that same person for his/her entire life! In addition, some of the homework assigned is useless in terms of helping the student understand what the teacher wanted. The student might be tremendously bright and not learn anything; he/she might also be bewildered by the terms in the schoolwork. What good is there in homework if it cannot help the student? Therefore, there have to be solutions to the excessive amount of work assigned.

The solutions are remarkably straightforward: to make work assigned at home optional and to fabricate quizzes to see if the student has understood the taught subjects. Although many vigorous Advanced Placement courses that give college level credit already follow the optional homework policy, the policy should be carried out into each and every class. This way, the student controls what he/she wants to accomplish and how he/she wants to learn, not the curriculum and definitely not the school. After all, the student’s future is in his/her own hands, right? But some teachers argue that optional homework might corrupt the student’s mind into not doing any homework at all. This can be fixed also. All that teachers have to do is to present quizzes to the students to observe whether they effortlessly know the principles or not. Not only will quizzes force the few obstinate learners to act, but they will also acknowledge the diligent, hard-working students with good grades. Establishing the policy that homework should be optional and providing quizzes will fix the problem of excessive and unnecessary schoolwork at home.

Homework is what shoots students down like a fierce arrow; it conflicts with the student’s outside activities and a portion of it given is unnecessary to facilitate the student in learning. But two necessary steps can fix the problem of disproportionate homework: to have homework as an option and to use quizzes to evaluate whether the student understands what the teacher desires for the student.

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Brett, posted this comment on Jan 20th, 2007

Yes this is a great idea. My math class is doing this and it works really well. I havn’t done any homework, but still have an A. Imagine all the time I would waste on a homwork assignment almost every day if I had to do the homework.

olivia, posted this comment on Mar 20th, 2007

Yes I agree too. In fact, I’m writing a persuasive essay about how too much homework isn’t always beneficial. I want to persuade my teachers to give us less because they give us an incredible amount.

Snoopy, posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2007

Yes, I also agree to much homework is ridiculous

Snoopy, posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2007

Yes, I also agree to much homework is ridiculous

Kaitlyn, posted this comment on Nov 16th, 2007

YES. Thank you. I hate the people who say it should be completely banned – that’s never going to happen. I’m glad someone else thought of this idea too.

*Haileigh*, posted this comment on Jan 3rd, 2008

This is amazing guys, I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks too much is bad. I’m also doing a essay about it!! ;0

Roni, posted this comment on Mar 17th, 2009

This is a topic I chose for a college paper. I do agree that there are cases in which homework is excessive, but numerous studies have shown that reviewing a material at home is beneficial… I have to say I agree with the idea of quizzes, though.

PEPE, posted this comment on Nov 25th, 2009

I hate homework
homework sucks

Diego, posted this comment on Nov 25th, 2009

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Larry, posted this comment on Nov 25th, 2009

I think there is no point in homework and even can result in brain failure like what happen to my little kid who suffered of excesive homework and finally broke down into an stress attack and now is in the hospital.

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Ashlyn, posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2010

I agree, homework is important, but too much of a good thing will cause more harm then good. I am in tenth grade and I am receiving 3-4-5 hours of homework per night, and I am more of a perfectionist so I spend more time on assignment then I should, and when I can’t get something right or if I think it’s not good enough, I just give up! I get stressed really easily and I don’t have a social life barely at all anymore. I practically hop up and down when I do get those nights where I only have about one hour of homework. I am a good student, but homework is the killer for me. I have had 127 assignments just in 1st quarter of my school year.

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